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J Brian Christou


  • Many women think that they are weak-willed and do not even try to lose weight. But you just need the right motivation. How to motivate yourself to lose weight to achieve results is what you need to know before you start to lose weight.
    3 December 2021
  • How to lose 10 kg with the help of a diet without harming your health. What method can quickly lose 10 kilograms without harm to health.
    10 August 2021
  • What is a drinking diet: essence, benefits and harms, contraindications. Allowed and prohibited products. Exit rules, weight loss effect.
    20 September 2020
  • Help watermelon to lose weight? Its composition favors the elimination of excess fluid from the body. The low caloric content allows a berry in unlimited quantities. The days of fasting and diet.
    26 June 2019
  • Find out what is the proper diet to lose weight, how about he go to the benefit of the body. The change of the system of techniques of food instead of diets help you to achieve harmony of form.
    26 May 2019
  • How to lose weight in the abdomen through a balanced diet? Do you want to remove belly fat - the correct physical exercise will help you lose weight fast in the abdomen. Recipes, body masks, body wraps belly.
    30 March 2019