How to start losing weight correctly?

On the streets of cities, we see more and more women with curvy figures. If their age was estimated to be 45+, now more and more young girls under 30 are also suffering from overweight. A malnourished, sedentary lifestyle leaves a mark on our appearance, sometimes more important than genetics.

Surprisingly, many young women often don't even seriously consider the issue of health and weight loss. They think it is too difficult, or on the contrary, the process is too easy: you only need to want-the fat will disappear itself. but it is not the truth. The sooner we start to control weight, the easier it is to maintain our weight at a normal level.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight, what goals do you set, and where do you need to start so as not to crash and end things? After all, the important thing is not only to lose weight, but more importantly, to consolidate low weight for a long time and make it the norm.

How not to start losing weight

Suppose you are serious about losing weight. Think of exercise and diet immediately. Then it is the cherished Monday. When you start a new life, go to the gym, give up steamed buns and sweets, eat only vegetables and grains without salt, and torture yourself with physical strength every day.

Then a few weeks passed and some holidays happened-you broke down. After all, for a piece of cake, missing a day of exercise will not have any effect. "I will fix it later, " you think, and then take the second piece of candy.

A photo of a girl with a slim figure as a motivation to lose weight

After such interference, it will be difficult to exercise in the gym next time. I really want to feel sad for myself and reduce the burden. Then you skip some exercises, and on a certain weekend you completely abandon them and instead have a barbecue with friends in nature. Gradually, your enthusiasm disappeared, exercise did not bring happiness, it became a heavy occupation, dieting became harder and harder, and the weight lost in the first few weeks returned.

This is the most weight-loss scenario: start exercising and intensive weight loss with great enthusiasm, and then relax. After that, few people can start from scratch.

To prevent this from happening, you need to lose weight gradually. It is forbidden to restrict yourself to eating before losing consciousness, and to exercise with the last bit of strength. The biggest key to success is the right motivation! It is not so much a refusal to eat, as it is exercise and regular training.

Motivation is the most important key to weight loss success

Now let us consider where the correct weight loss process starts. It can easily become your habit, a way of life that does not require excessive effort or excessive restriction.

How to motivate yourself to lose weight? There are a few simple guidelines:

  1. Remember what makes you think about being overweight. For example, an ugly bulging belly in your favorite dress, unsuccessful photos, a huge inner discomfort against the background of thin friends. An important incentive may be the desire to please the opposite sex. Or maybe you are waiting in horror for the start of summer and afraid of undressing on the beach?
  2. After realizing the most important reason for wanting to lose weight, you will feel very uncomfortable due to these extra weights. Decide for yourself that you start to lose weight now and forget the mysterious "next Monday"!
  3. Change your diet this day, exercise should become a daily compulsory activity! Be interested in the nearest fitness center near your home and purchase a subscription to one of them.
  4. Throw out all seemingly useless, harmful, and unhealthy foods from the refrigerator and don't regret it. Only use your own logic as a guide. In the future, as your knowledge in the field of proper nutrition expands, the habit of only buying healthy foods will become unconditional. After a few months of living like this, it's hard to imagine how the things on the refrigerator shelf can be eaten now!
  5. Print your ugliest photo and hang it next to the photo of the person of your dreams. When there is an irresistible desire to eat high-calorie things and want to eat it at night, look at these pictures.
  6. Repeat to yourself: a delicious cake will only stay in your mouth for a few minutes and in your belly for a few weeks. Remember, 100 grams of sweets requires at least 30 minutes of vigorous exercise!
  7. Make exercise an integral part of your life. In the beginning, you will force yourself to go to the gym. But if you don't give up, you will overcome yourself. Within a month or two, it is difficult to imagine a life without training!
  8. Start buying smaller, more beautiful clothes. Entering it is a good incentive!
  9. Accept your conscience. Don't test your willpower. If you just want something sweet or unhealthy unbearably, just eat it. Only such "weaknesses" should rarely occur, as an exception, for example, reward yourself for longer exercise.
  10. Avoid strict diets. The main rule that must be followed every day: "The number of calories consumed by food should be less than the number of calories consumed in the gym. "

Exercise is the most important factor for successful weight loss

Signs of prohibiting eating during weight loss

For people with a good metabolism and a moderately active lifestyle, exercise is not as important as people who tend to be overweight.

The normal daily activities of a thin person are sufficient to restore energy balance. But if you are already overweight, exercise should become a regular and mandatory activity, such as brushing your teeth.

If you are new to sports, it is best to work out with a coach in the first few months. He will tell you how to properly arrange your day, write down the correct sports activities, diet, and teach you how to use sports equipment safely.

When you start exercising on your own, remember that any exercise should start with 10 minutes of warming up all the muscles and end with traction and stretching.

Strength training should be alternated with aerobic exercise, allowing different muscle groups to rest for 1-2 days after strength training.

The most effective, high-energy exercise is considered to be interval training, cross-fitting, and complex physical activity, during which all muscle groups are involved.

Every exercise starts to annoy you. When you are tired of exercise, think of your favorite dessert. This is one of the options for obtaining good intrinsic motivation. If you actively participate in sports and consume 600-900 calories per exercise, then you can afford 50-100 grams of biscuits or dark chocolate. After all, the calorie content of such sweets is 2-3 times lower than your energy cost.

The correct diet and active exercise during weight loss may look like this:

  1. Morning-carbohydrates, high-calorie foods. Prefer slow carbohydrates.
  2. Lunch: fruit, candy, protein.
  3. Lunch: protein and some fat.
  4. Before sports training-fast carbohydrates + high-quality protein.
  5. After exercise-protein food. Eliminate fat, fast carbohydrates.

You need to eat 4-5 times a day, give up snacks between meals, and eat before exercise.

Final recommendation

To increase motivation while losing weight, the most important thing is to see the first results. Usually, they will appear within 1. 5-2 months after the usual pace of life changes, and exercise becomes an integral part of it.

There are some nutritional restrictions. At the beginning, I exercise 3-4 times a week, and there will be no obvious improvement. This period will be the most difficult. After all, it is so difficult to give up so many things, and the result is zero. But if you persist in the first few weeks, starting from the second month, the kilograms will begin to melt. Believe me, this will be the best motivation to continue leading this lifestyle!

Try to get yourself with like-minded people who pursue the same goals. At the same time, it is much easier to observe the training process by sticking to the right diet.

Remember, a positive attitude, strong desires, exercise, and maintaining a negative balance of calories are actually everything you need to successfully cope with overweight problems!