The experience of using Black Latte

Your experience of the drink Black Latte she told us Helena Brussel. The girl told her life story, and what the results gave the use Black Latte.

Picture Of Black Milk

I have never had a weight problem – my thinness at times upset as the people in the neighbourhood, and doctors. But after that in the body you experienced a hormonal changes, I became gradually gain weight. Before I also enjoyed, as well as the figure gained feminine traits. Study in another city has become for me a real stress: the separation with the family, a new society and the frantic pace of life have created the conditions for the evening, once in the hostel, I began to grasp the experience gained in the afternoon.

I have not even once noticed how changed my appearance, but after receiving the photo with the celebration of the day of the student, are shocked. At the same time was adopted the decision of the urgent need to lose weight, and here started my ordeal. During my experience, I have used a lot of diets, it is difficult to say, and not worth the effort, as none of them has not brought anything good, only temporary and direct damage to health. Then I decided to try to die of hunger, that finally killed my metabolism, the GASTROINTESTINAL tract, and hormones. In general, the reflection in the mirror was not happy, the indicators weights inexorably increased, and the motivation has been replaced with the depression main.

As the encounter with his childhood friend has become for me fatal

Periodically, they are firmly the courage to face yourself, start eating right and increasing physical activity, but this soon tired of me, as well as the results were very minor. These "swing" lasted for more than 6 years, until I met a friend of childhood. It seemed simply magnificent: slender, healthy, energetic. We went into a restaurant, he wanted to remember old times. When I saw that you sort, within their own envy occurred. "Behold the witch, – I thought – so much eating and not recovering". I ordered just a light salad dressing, even if, of course, would be that of pasta with seafood in cream sauce, which was in the nearby home, but a disorder of eating behavior, is gained in many years of struggling with overweight, not have allowed me to eat without shame in front of the eyes of the people.

"You're on a diet?" – asked the girl and you dropped a sympathetic look in my direction. Inside, I just seethed: "what can you know of the struggle with the weight? Sitting so lean and he eats for both cheeks!" But it is as if having read my thoughts, took the phone and showed the photo, saying: "Behold, I exactly a year ago." I did not understand immediately that she has in mind, because with the screen in which he looked at me miserable, sick, who clearly suffers from obesity.

The conversation has gained some intriguing notes, and the anger inside of me became quiet. It turned out, she is very close to my story, because it has 8 years, in vain has tried to lose weight, the same tried in various ways, and has helped her only drink Black Latte. I couldn't believe it, I thought that she ride me. But on the way home and after reading on the internet of this drink, I decided to try, thinking: "In any case, will not be worse, and if any result I will get, simply perfect".

The experience of the use of Black Milk

I ordered a drink, and even if you do not particularly believed in the success, but expected with a special look. Also, the price is very attracted. I started drinking Black Latte: the taste is pleasant, with no special sensations was not happy, because the previous pills of tea and smoothies for weight loss side effects are very unpleasant. Here something did not happen – as I thought, there is the effect is not, while for a couple of weeks you noticed your appetite is decreased greatly, and the pants have become a little free in life. In general, climbing on the scales, my eyes have not believed – in less than 6 kg in 2 weeks! Two months of use of the drink is not only I lost 18 kg, but it is as if it was a new way of living: it is appeared the energy, the health is greatly improved, and the DIGESTIVE tract works like a clock. With this I do not exclude any foods from your diet – just not me there are so many as before, but the energy there was a need for a place where to go, and I have a lot of walking.

Now I advise you to Black Latte all of my friends and I want each and every person who has experience in a phase of struggle with my weight, I heard of this miracle drink, and has won finally this war! Be healthy, happy with yourself and completely happy!