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  • An effective diet for men and women to lose weight at home: useful food and diet choices, exit rules.
    6 November 2020
  • Dukan diet menu for every day. The fundamental principles of the Dukan diet. Pros and cons of the diet. The rules of power in each phase of the Dukan diet. The Menu for each day of the diet.
    29 June 2020
  • We tell the stories of our readers that losing weight and about their motivation, how you felt, the fact of sports and has taken drugs, we will show you the before and after picture.
    16 April 2019
  • Diet fitness 14-day menu not only helps you lose weight effectively, but also significantly improve the entire body in the absence of the feeling of hunger and weakness.
    29 March 2019
  • Exercises to slim hips – it is not only power, but the aerobic and – why with such a load is burned fat, including and with life.
    6 March 2019
  • A sample menu for weight loss a week, and every day will help you lose a few extra pounds. Get rid of excess weight can go completely unnoticed.
    5 March 2019
  • To find slender and fit figure, not necessarily pace yourself diets, just eat well and do sports.
    5 March 2019