Lose weight with citric acid

Acid is an essential substance for the human body. The internal organs need to function normally and smoothly. Citric acid is directly involved in metabolic processes at the cellular level. This is why its benefits for weight loss are invaluable.

The effect of citric acid in weight loss

Lose weight with citric acid

It is true that citric acid has no fat burning properties, but it is considered a powerful natural antioxidant, which is very beneficial for people who want to lose weight.

Consider what happens in the body when ingested:

  • The wall of the esophagus absorbs nutrients better;
  • removes harmful toxins in the internal organs;
  • Eliminates slagging and fecal stones;
  • Blood circulation becomes more intense;
  • Enhanced metabolic process;
  • The excess liquid is removed, thereby eliminating swelling;
  • Cell regeneration occurs.

Internal use

Positive results can be achieved with citric acid. Drinking acidified pure water is enough. In order to reduce excess weight, citric acid should be dissolved in warm water or diluted with lemon juice.

Many different techniques have been developed that can be used to obtain good results. Let us consider the most effective method.

Use citric acid to lose weight within a week

This weight loss method is very simple and can be used within 7 days. Every day, people who want to lose weight need to drink at least 2-3 liters of water. This will prevent dehydration of the body and will not slow down the metabolic process.

Dissolve a teaspoon of citric acid in a warmed water. It is recommended to drink 180ml of beverage every 1. 5 hours after each meal; for the best taste, add a little honey.

Due to loss of appetite and weight loss, but you should not eat less, you need to eat small amounts about 5 times a day. In this diet, it is recommended to eat fresh or cooked vegetables, seafood, grains, protein and lean meat.

Use citric acid to lose weight within one month

This kind of diet plan is also very simple, designed for a month. It only requires 2 ingredients in each household-citric acid and purified water. However, in order to obtain a positive effect without harming your body, you need to know exactly the proportion of the drink prepared:

  • 1 to 7 days.It is necessary to take 250ml of pure water and dissolve half of the citric sour dessert spoon. Three glasses of this drink should be consumed every day: after breakfast, one hour after lunch and half an hour before dinner. The diet should be mainly seafood within a week.
  • 8 to 14 days.You need to measure 280ml of purified water and dissolve a teaspoon of acid in it. The resulting beverage should be divided into three equal portions and consumed according to the following plan: 20 minutes after the first breakfast, half an hour before lunch, and one hour before the last meal. The diet these days should be based on dishes with lean meat and protein products.
  • From 15 days to 21 days.To prepare a drink, you need to consume 300 ml of purified water and dissolve a teaspoon of acid in it. The solution should be consumed in the same way as last week. It is recommended to eat cooked vegetables and grains.
  • From 22 days to 28 days.One teaspoon of acid should be dissolved in 150 ml of purified water. You need to drink 2 drinks after breakfast and before dinner. Nutrition should be balanced.

Outdoor use

Topical citric acid for weight loss

External use of acid is safer for people who want to lose weight. However, if you don’t start eating sensibly first, don’t give up bad habits, and don’t remove sweets from the menu, the results are unexpected.

  1. To prepare the mixture, take 200 g of black, green or blue clay, add 4 eggs, one and a half teaspoon of sour, and 100 g of sour cream to it and break it with a blender. The acid must be completely dissolved, otherwise the burn may remain on the skin.
  2. Next, apply the resulting mixture to the areas where the cellulite needs to be removed, usually the thighs and abdomen, and then wrap them in 4-5 layers of plastic wrap and put warm clothes on them.
  3. Keep the mixture for 30-40 minutes, but if the skin burns strongly, it should be washed off. At the end of the process, apply an anti-cellulite cream.

For maximum effect, packaging should be done every 2 days, and it is best to change the color of the clay.

What is the danger?

People who decide to use citric acid internally to lose weight should consider that this method is not absolutely safe.

If you use the product beyond your control, the functions of organs and systems may be disturbed:

  1. Due to the high concentration of the beverage used and the acid content in its ingredients, it will have a negative impact on tooth enamel and increase its sensitivity. In addition, the oral mucosa is irritated, causing ulcers.
  2. Acid has a negative effect on the stomach wall. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to use this method for people suffering from gastritis or gastric ulcer.
  3. With the help of citric acid, excess water is removed from the body and the edema is relieved. However, it should be remembered that in addition to excess organs, fluids necessary for the normal function of the organs are also eliminated.
  4. People who use acid regularly can feel apathy, energy loss, anxiety and insomnia. A person thinks that he has started to lose excess weight, but in fact, the body lacks water, so the volume disappears.
  5. The results obtained with citric acid are short-lived. Soon after a person stops taking the product and starts to get used to the diet again, the weight will recover, sometimes even doubled.
  6. Health professionals believe that internal use of acid increases the risk of cancer.


If, despite all the above measures, a person decides to use citric acid to lose weight to reduce the damage to the body, the following recommendations should be followed:

Ways to lose weight with citric acid
  1. Do not exceed the recommended dose. If you pour 3 tablespoons of acid instead of 1 tablespoon of acid into a glass of water, the metabolic process will not increase, but the stomach will suffer quickly because of this.
  2. You cannot fast and drink sour drinks. This should be done slowly, preferably with a straw, and only after or during meals.
  3. In addition to drinking, you should also help your body lose weight. You need to get rid of the habit of overeating, using fat and flour products, bad habits, and schedule at least half an hour of gymnastics every day. Otherwise, the result may not appear at all.
  4. These days you must eat oatmeal, chicken soup, and boiled vegetables. Therefore, the stomach will have the correct acid-base balance, and the body will quickly adapt to acidic drinks.
  5. In order not to damage tooth enamel, please rinse your mouth with water after drinking.


Before trying to lose weight with citric acid, you need to make sure that there are no contraindications to the method.

Should find another way to lose weight for the people facing:

  • Any disease of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Kidney and bladder pathology;
  • Trend of allergic reactions;
  • Dental caries;
  • Skin diseases.
  • Babies and breastfeeding.

Ingesting large amounts of citric acid is very harmful to the human body. Therefore, before deciding to use this method to lose weight, you need to carefully weigh all its advantages and disadvantages. Moreover, if a decision is made, acid can only be used after consulting a nutritionist.