Fitness for quick weight loss

Fitness is a complex of specially designed exercises and the rules of power, which aim to improve the appearance, i.e. the form. Fitness classes are reward and joy, good health, beauty and beautiful physical form. With their help, you can effectively reduce the weight, improve the muscles, make a good impression, and strengthen the health. The hugely popular group classes, and fitness-tours.

Today, it has been developed a wide range of training programs, aimed at solution of a whole spectrum of activities. Solve problems of loss of weight, making the figure of some adaptations, increase muscle mass, and also strengthen the same muscles and joints.

fitness for weight loss

Please note that the fitness for weight loss traditionally brings together absolutely different types of load – between these exercises of strength and stretching, aerobic, and cardio. Preparation of a complex of fitness exercises it happens to all of the muscle groups were involved in full.

Why is it so important to fitness program

Many ask the logical question: how with the help of fitness, it is possible to obtain a rapid weight loss and improve muscle tone? For this you need to: eat properly, do cardio to burn the fat cells, but also of strength exercises, to train strong and prominent muscles.

All of the above is to be taken into account in the development of programs of fitness training, therefore, tend to include different pieces. In the first place in any program should be cardio training. They presented the bike (as an option – stationary bikes), run, jump, swim in the pool or the elements of dance. Together with the training this part of the program requires approximately 15-20 minutes. Then you can proceed directly to the execution of special exercises. The best solution would be to workout every day of individual muscle groups.

Here is an example:

  • Monday – exercises for belly and hips, but also to the back;
  • Wednesday – glutes, thighs and legs;
  • Friday – back, shoulders, and arms.

In this way, it will be more quality crafted all of the muscles, and not have enough time to recover to the next lesson.

In the Internet today downloaded thousands of videos with the individual exercises and all of their complex. Download these lessons on your computer totally free. So you'll be able to engage in home alone, don't attend a gym.

Improve the shape with the fitness happens, of course, not for a day. The first obvious result of your efforts will appear for about a month. Is partially get rid of fat deposits – the figure of a tightened and becomes thin. But the mass of the body until it is reduced – because the weight of the melted fat will replace the weight of an increase in the volume of the muscles. But already after a couple of months you can expect to get rid of 5-6 pounds.

The basic rules

If you have decided to fight overweight and improve their appearance, it is necessary in the first place to ask how to deal correctly with the exercises. There are different rules to be run which will depend on the result.

  1. The regularity of the workouts. If your goal is to lose weight, the laziness must become your enemy. Only if you perform the exercises regularly, it is possible to obtain the expected result. If you prefer independent study at home, then it is advisable to do with the music – so it will be more fun and more energetic.
  2. The complexity. It is not possible to focus on a single muscle group (even if it is the most problematic area) or do only cardio-load. It is very important to work the entire body in the site.
  3. A healthy diet. It consists in the rejection of the sweet (in large amount), of fat, damage the health of dishes and semi-finished products, limited to alcoholic beverages, and the total rejection of this dependence, such as smoking. Diet is necessary to make a rational and well-balanced. To enrich the fruit, dried fruit, vegetables, cereals, nuts, dairy, fish and meat. Excess of food is strictly prohibited.
  4. Fitness must become a way of life. It is not possible to refer to fitness as the 2 months of diet. If you made the choice in his favor, the more you become active supporter and a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition, sport and health, and beauty, that will give you.

The use of fitness for health and weight loss

food for weight loss

What the fitness is very useful for the figures, he understands, I think, all. Then we will focus on what he is not less important and to improve health. Generally, people do not particularly think about it, until it will have the clear evidence of its necessity. For example, a sedentary lifestyle inevitably provokes back pain or regularly recurring headaches.

If you try to preserve your health, you need to pay close attention to the signals that feeds your body, and take preventive measures. As soon as you start to do it, the better it will be for your body. And fitness, in this case, the best assistant, as well as:

  • The training of the back muscles will help ensure the spine of a good support, and this means that you forget the pain, and also their posture.
  • Physical activity improves circulation, making the body receives more oxygen. And this, in turn, promotes a way affects the functioning of every organ and improves the general well-being.
  • Specially designed exercises to give more mobility to the joints and make the blood to circulate more. In the following we will take the pain to the legs, and the creaking of the joints.

And, of course, the most important thing – you should always listen to your body and, of course, the advice of experienced fitness instructors and qualified physicians.

Who is contraindicated fitness

Definitive contraindications to this type of physical activity, unfortunately, are present. I am satisfied that they do not very. Then, in the gym, it is forbidden to do with:

  • boundary mental states, mental disorders and epilepsy;
  • lesions of the heart muscle is organic in character, migrated infarction;
  • oncology;
  • in the trauma complex spine;
  • traumatic brain injury, which have been transferred recently.

In these cases, your doctor may allow only therapeutic exercise and individually. Temporarily not you can do it during the exacerbation of any chronic disease, with SARS and also, strange as it may seem, in the absence of sleep.

In addition, there is a list of the diseases for which fitness is completely denied. The adjustments in training will have to pay:

  • In varicose veins. No squats, lunges, jumps. Static electricity is excluded. The pace of execution of the exercises must be moderate. Do them lying down or sitting.
  • In diseases of the joints. Do not allow the power jump and static loads with a higher weight.
  • For high blood pressure. Better to prefer a quiet pace, yoga, and pilates.
  • During pregnancy. Do I have to attend some lectures of the course "Fitness for mothers". Only with the permission of the gynecologist with 12 ° to 38 ° for the week.


For those who want to keep in shape with the fitness, you need to have the tenacity, seriousness and patience. After all, the result does not appear for a couple of days. But, as they say, everything that reaches you, all is yours. Relieved of the weight back not come back, and the muscles in a long time will delight you with their tone.


Many people with experience, who are able to test in a tough fight with the overweight, a variety of diet, east, chosen of fitness. And not in vain. After all, this is one of the most effective ways. Reviews on it for the most part positive, and say that if the charging is done properly, the pounds go without a trace, and in return you get a beautiful and slender body.