How to lose weight free

The people had thought long how to lose weight for free, it was invented a lot of effective methods, based on the principles of weight reduction. Today you learn how to successfully compile the program, which is based on the calculation of calories of the products of consumption and the energy costs necessary for the different activities. It will be a nice bonus that, unlike the purchase of sports equipment, fat burners, etc. this is the basis for a future program it does not require any financial outlay.

We believe calories

how to lose weight

As it says in the rule base is the weight loss: "it is Necessary to burn more calories to achieve your body." If you forget this fact, it can go down the drain the entire weight loss program. To eliminate a pound of fat (about 450 g), you need to burn 3,500 calories in excess spent during daily activities. Certainly, from them you get rid of in a day, to have no damage to health, but gradually.

Against the weight loss

Follow the step by step instruction for all calculations:

  1. Need to calculate the level of the base of the metabolism. This is a minimum number of calories required for digestion, respiration, etc., – that is, for running vital systems of the body. Can be used for calculations, use this calculator. However, keep in mind that it may not be 100% accurate.
  2. During the week try to keep a log of every activity that you have done. The activities, such as physical and mental, sports activities, walking, any work – all you need to register. So you get the idea of burned calories each day. It remains only to calculate the average size, if you bend the results of each day and share them on the 7. The article "Calories, and activity", it is possible to use for the calculation.
  3. You need to keep track of how many calories you have received along with the food. For the whole week to conduct a careful monitoring of their diet, and to record, without exception all. As a final point, count the results for each day, and then determine the average result. The calorie content of different products can learn from the tables.
  4. It now remains folded, the number of basic level of metabolism with the number of calories, think of it in the second paragraph. Time from receipt-of-magnitude subtract the average number of calories consumed (p. 3). If one eats more, requiring activity and the level of the base of the metabolism, you have all the chance in the future to increase weight.

An example of how to lose weight free — by calculating the consumption of calories per day

Anna has estimated that the level of the base of the metabolism equal to 1400 calories. When this can burn 900 calories when the execution condition is regular physical exercise, during walks and lessons of household chores. To maintain the current weight, should get 2300 calories. But, as shown by the log of the calories with food, Anna receives each day is 2550 calories. If the case goes ahead, every 3 weeks will be plump on the half a kilo. And the fault is an excess of 250 calories.

This example demonstrates how easy it is to score those extra pounds, without even realizing it. However, the same can be easily and lose weight, even if the process is long. You can start with small changes in the diet and immediately felt start to burn more calories than obtained with the food. Need to find a way to burn unnecessary 200-500 calories per day. For example, it is worth to replace too caloric products more useful and easy. And at the same time, the more time to give to the sport. The good ideas.

How much time do we want to give to the sport

The weight reduction physical activity is an important element. Experts recommend that sports 200 minutes a week, not less, and this will be of 40 minutes per day, 5 days a week.