Workout for weight loss

The muscle strength adds the figure of harmony. To create volumes, just follow the diet and do not eat after six. For this you need exercise slimming. You must also know how to train to lose weight.

workout for weight loss

Workout program for weight loss includes weights, cardio and aerobic load. An integral part of the programme are massage, relaxation, and a sauna.

General rules of programs for weight loss lies in the fact that: practice regularly, drink plenty of water during class, to eat properly and comply with the diet necessarily, with the time increasing voltage, and during exercise at rest in walk and less than a minute.

Between men and women there is a physiological difference, that influence weight loss. Exercise program for weight loss for men is different from the similar to women:

  1. Fat protective. Protects women not only from cold but also from the lack of products. The scarcity of substances that are contraindicated to those who give life. Then the nature itself has made women more prone to the "reserve products";
  2. In the blood of women a lot more enzymes that promote the formation of fat cells than men;
  3. Also in the state of rest a person spends energy. Most of the resources go to the service of the muscles. In women the muscle tissue, less than 30 %, compared to the men. At rest, the representatives of the female sex to spend less calories.
  4. The complexity in the construction of muscle tissue in women is that they do not have the male hormone (or rather, is present in small doses). This hormone protects the muscles during exercise. Because of this during the lessons in women partially burned not only fat but also muscles.

But this does not mean that women can lower their hands, justifying themselves physiology. The information they need to work with her. Knowing its characteristics, it is possible to build a successful weight loss strategy. For example, it is known that the processes of combustion of fat "are included" after thirty minutes of the workout or the race. A woman can replace the execution of all the other sports activities: tennis, basketball, volleyball. To begin to become familiar with the current directions:

  • Yoga is based on static and dynamic exercise. Take as the basis for different traction technique, and weak, and helps to build muscles. Well practice yoga on days off from the main workout for weight loss. Stretching the muscle relieves krepaturu and harmonises the metabolism.
  • The dance is much closer to the operation and activities that help you lose weight. Are a variety of loads. To give the effect of adhering to a healthy dietary regimen.
  • Aerobics similar to the action of the dance. Has a rigid structure and the pace of the movements. Suitable for people with a healthy cardiovascular system.
  • Gym actively contributes to the reduction of the amount of adipose tissue and muscle growth. Remember that, on average, to lose weight half a kilo a week in the gym is a very good result. Fat weighs less than muscle. Why, when we pump the muscles, increases its mass, burn fat – reduce. In the balance one to two pounds is a very good result.
  • Courses at home is a good option for weight loss. Allowed improvised often happens, just when the fight with an average level of obesity.


The volume of the exercises very much depends on your past and current status. Can be divided people:

  1. Those who have no experience in sports activities;
  2. Those who have practiced sport, but went to the gym;
  3. The women and the men who have made the great occasion, and who have experience in the gym.

For those who do not have any experience, it is important to prepare for the corridor. For two weeks before going in the gym, start exercising at home. Do exercises at home up to 30 minutes at a slow pace the first week. Enjoy the exercises, imagine as you develop muscles, as it is great to hear that you evolve. The second week of extended lessons of up to 60 minutes, the rhythm make a media. The content of preparation training can take from the section of exercises at home, which is located just below. After the preparation of going to the gym, ask the coach to write the program and talk about approaches, dj sets, and other terminology.

how to lose weight with exercise

The remaining two groups can go right in the gym. Adjust the voltage and rest is important for muscle growth. Classic skeleton of any program of loss of weight it seems, approximately, as described in the table "Mode loads"

Loading mode

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6

Day 7

Vista loads (training)


Cardio Power Relaxation, massage, hot tub, or sauna Power Output alone

Output alone

For muscle growth, the body needs a period for recovery, because the daily activities in the room, especially for the women, not the most effective idea.

Workout for weight loss include a variety of exercises designed to burn fat. The processes of the combustion of fat are amplified, when, after strong tensions add to the load. Power sports, I do the fat elimination process, that lasts after the completion of the loading. Such training affect the fat during the load and during the heartbeat above a hundred or a hundred and twenty strokes per minute. Cardio strengthens the effect, because it is used after the.

Relaxing and warm, the procedures necessary to "move the milk" — to help the body to dissolve the acid in the biceps and reduce krepaturu, rebuild the tissue.

Workout at home

Home is in need of an exercise program for weight loss. It seems, as the extract. The makeup of our mind is very great. It has the property to forget it and cheat. To achieve the result, it is worth taking, in order to calculate the load for a week ahead, register and follow. There is also a parable about the fact that we have to be ourselves the king/the queen and the servant. As an authoritative personality, let's write a program, as the servants of themselves – to fulfill.


Workout for weight loss include the warm-up, the load power, cardio load. Such a sequence is necessary on the way to lose weight.

For elastically fifth point, and thin legs. Starting position with feet at shoulder width apart, body in upright position. Squat so thighs are parallel to the floor or like if you want to sit on the chair invisible. Follow posture. If it is difficult for the hands can be placed in the walk. If no, the hands or hand in front of him. In this position, freeze for two or three minutes.

exercise for weight loss

Squat. Feet to the width of the shoulders. The back is straight. The knees do not go past the line stop. Breathe with calm. The effect increases if the squat with weights in your hand: handlebars, bottles with water.

Lunges. Find and take a huge step forward for the foot that is found in front, made an angle of ninety degrees at the knee. Train each side separately. Taking the load by hand you can speed up exercise – load to save the load, but will reduce the number of repetitions.

Lie on your back. The arms along the body. The legs bent at the knee, foot bet on the floor and lift the pelvis. Doing twenty or thirty of these increases.

For the slim waist. Lie down on a mat. The hands hide under the lower part of the back or buttocks. Raise your legs straight upwards and with the body they have created an angle of ninety degrees.

Lift both legs straight, on an angle of forty-five degrees, it freezes. The hands behind the head. The head looks in the foot. While standing on the weight, starting with the left foot a movement to the left elbow. Finished with the left side of the body, turn to the right. All this while the leg that doesn't work be in the raised position. After we exercise, but now the left leg is engaged to the right elbow. In the same way, with the right foot.

"Owner" — exercises for the upper part and the lower newspapers at the same time. Back closely whatever bullshit facades towards the floor. At the same time lifting the legs straight and the torso, trying to connect them, how to close the book. The legs and the trunk, like the page, the hip joint, such as a book with a hard cover.

Lying on the carpet belly up. The arms and legs upward in parallel to each other. A part will be similar to the letter "C". The feet are static in this state. With the hands we are trying to reach the socks at the foot. To complicate the exercise can be done that to stop for a few seconds in the position in which the blade is detached from the mat.

For the arms and the chest. The exercise weight loss hands must always start with push-ups. To simplify the advertising possible. For this it needs to be not on the tip of the foot and the knee.

Prepared two water bottles or dumbbells. The back tight to the pad. With your hands make the letter "T", open them to an angle of ninety degrees, leaving lie down on the floor. Takes the weighting and raises his hands on high

Leave the bottle next to it. Save the position of the body and of the hands change. Hands up, as a continuation of the trunk. Handles are located on the floor. Takes weights and raises his hands on high.

Sit, hands folded in a prayer pose in front of him. Push the palm of your hand on the palm of the hand. You should feel the tension in the muscles of the chest and arms. Keeping the voltage static for two to three minutes.

For the back.The bust parallel to the floor, stretched forwards, the legs perpendicular to the floor. The arms down. In the hands of dumbbells. Raise the arms upward and the shoulders to the bust.

Belly to the ground, lying down, relax. Secure the legs under the bed or other heavy object. The hands behind the head, the face of the visa. Lifts the bust upward. We are attentive to the buttocks and legs are relaxed. Try to lift the body through the back. Movements slow and smooth without jerking.

Pro approaches and the number of

The optimal number of repetitions for you – a pledge of victory against fat. Moderate the load of work will not lead to the result, too much of it can cause health problems. You need to know how to train to lose weight. Exercises much, to determine the number of repetitions of each exercise difficult. There is a principle of doing the workload, before a slight discomfort. According to the a second income you can do three or four approaches, by reducing the number of repetitions. Break between sets should be less than sixty seconds.

The bathroom and sauna

To relax the muscles after the workout recommended steam bath and a sauna. If you do not like these procedures, at least to take hot baths with sea salt. Sauna helps to speed up all the processes in the body, including the metabolism, and metabolism. The acceleration of metabolism affects your fat loss. This process helps to get rid of excess weight. With a proper supply of steam helps to lose weight. In symbiosis with the exercise, Turkish bath and a sauna also accelerates the effect of reducing the volume.


Workout is closely connected with the care of your body and relax. After the decision is committed, you must get in tune with regularity. Without a systematic approach to the lessons, do not change in the body. Exercise for weight loss is very similar to the process of creating themselves. The molds himself, or to sculpt the clay is at times the work. But then the "artifacts" you can enjoy and be inspired.