The popular options of fasting days for weight loss

The days of fasting, in fact, are purifying, that is the detox program. They help to prepare for the summer season, the bodies of the rest of the digestion after the holiday parties, but also to clean the body. This is the best way to normalize the state of health.

The correct course of fasting days

the days of fasting

Material the program is based on a special diet — drink in the course of the day of a single product. During the day you should only eat a product with low caloric content. This gives you the opportunity digestive system easily cope with the incoming food. The energy that had to go to the spin-off of the various components, it is issued for the cleaning of the body. So it can say goodbye to excess fat, toxins from the body. Days for weight loss are held twice a month. Abuse the use of discharge days is dangerous because of formation of deficiency of necessary substances. In case of serious problems with excess weight, it is necessary to obtain the opinion of a doctor.

Having decided to spend the day for weight loss, it is necessary to respect some conditions to do it more comfortably and successfully:

  • a day of fasting you need to organize, with a busy schedule. This will help you not to think of eating too often. It is possible to take care of the stock on hand of low-fat yogurt, which will turn off an acute attack of hunger;
  • intense physical activity is recommended to exclude. Saving energy will help you move the fast day easier. But to sit in a place, moreover, are not worth the effort because this will lead to a stronger sense of hunger. Well massage, steam bath, or simply move to the open air;
  • the unloading process should take place naturally. There is no need to take any laxatives or diuretics. An excessive workload of the kidneys can hurt you;
  • two or three liters of water — the norm in the material diet for weight loss. Preferably drink as much as possible at the beginning of the day. The morning fasting should take a tablespoon of vegetable oil to prevent the occurrence of stagnation in the liver. Allowed to drink the infusion of herbs coleretica, or dog-rose;
  • eat slowly, chew your food slowly, this promotes a stronger sense of satiety, also a small portion and promotes weight loss.

The amount of food, consisting of protein-rich foods, amounting to not more than 600 grams. If it is fruit or vegetables per day, no more than two pounds. For a single day of performance exhaust you can lose up to a pound of excess body weight. The steady repetition will lead to the most remarkable result weight loss. Of course, before making such a jolt to the body should listen to the advice of a doctor. This is especially true for women who are pregnant or have recently given birth women, and also in the case of serious diseases.

The use of fasting days:

  • the body receives a good rest of the abundant food, use of incompatible products;
  • exit the reserve in the form of waste products and toxins, which promotes weight loss;
  • in the absence of an adequate effect of the diet method of weight loss, day of discharge will help you to perform the metabolism and speed up the metabolism;
  • fasting days can be the beginning of a transition to a correct diet, to help regulate the diet in the direction of the most useful food;
  • strength training will not only help you lose weight, but also in the achievement of other objectives.

The most popular fasting days

Day of discharge must be based on personal food preferences. But if you need a quick result, it is worth to choose the diet of the cucumber or apple.

An apple a day

weight loss right

This is the most accessible and useful drain for the body. The apples have a rich set of vitamins, low in calories, are rich in antioxidants and normalize bowel function. You will need two pounds of greens, sweet apples, a couple of liters of normal mineral water without gas. You can make the green tea without sugar or rosa canina. The entire volume of apples it is necessary to distribute in six parts. About a third of the apples you can cook with the addition of cinnamon and / or honey. It is recommended that you cook the apples with the increase in the acidity of the stomach, gastritis and ulcer. An apple a day can rid the body from three pounds of excessive weight. Just need to be prepared to the fact that apples contribute to good appetite.

For pregnant women, and also for those who can not withstand such a rigorous day of fasting, you can add to apples and non-fat ricotta cheese. For a day should take 600 grams of ricotta cheese and a kilo of apples. The water at least two litres. When toxicosis good to use apple-kefir day, consisting of one and a half liters of yogurt and one and a half kilos of apples.

Day with cucumber

Rightly cucumbers can be called champions of the most effective of vegetables for the management of the day. With a minimum of calories, this vegetable is particularly acid, prevents the conversion of carbohydrates into fat. The calorie content of this day will be not more than 300 kcal, which is beneficial for weight loss. Cucumber fasting day can free you from 3.5 kg. This day should pass without any heavy physical activity. In need of fresh cucumbers, a pound and a half, shared on the five or six portions. It is necessary to eliminate the salt, spices, aromas and other additives. You can complete the menu with two eggs and a couple of tablespoons of bran.

Buckwheat day

This option for weight loss will help you to get rid of excess weight, cleaned up the gastrointestinal tract, normalizes metabolism. A glass of cereal to pour in double the amount of boiling water and tired. Semolina must be integral. The porridge is best prepared the day before, in the evening. Add anything that should not be. The buckwheat is the most slow carbohydrate, and saturated and does not lead to an increase of sugar in the blood. And also need a litre of yoghurt.

Porridge is accepted to eat six times per day, if this is his drinking yogurt. This option is a combination of products has aperient effect, and cleans up the intestine, which also helps to lose weight. Need to drink mineral water or tea herbal. The day will require no more than half a kilo of excess body weight. There may be more, but without seasonings or additives it will be impossible, that a well impact on the figure.

Protein day

Protein fasting day, with the goal of weight loss a bit more complicated to do, but no less effective. It is recommended to do once a week, to set the weight in the norm. For breakfast, you need to take a tablespoon of vegetable oil. After this need a portion of protein cocktail. The preparation consists in mixing a glass of milk, a banana, and a hundred grams of ricotta. You can use a cocktail for sports nutrition. Need to eat a hundred grams of veal meat, in the boiled or baked, like drinking coffee without sugar.

After 4 hours, start lunch, consisting of a glass of mineral water, two hundred grams of boiled beef, with tomatoes, herbs and spices. Full exhaust lunch of green tea. After 4 hours of eating no more than two hundred grams of chicken breasts, boiled with and released from the skin. You can eat a small portion of cabbage salad of beijing. As a drink for a glass of mineral water, as well as choleretic tea. After four hours is taken for dinner. The evening meal is composed of two hundred grams of beans in tomato sauce and a glass of tomato juice.

Kefir day

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For this option, the management of the day, you will need up to two litres of yogurt that will need to eat during the day five or six moves. Kefir a day of fasting is very convenient for its simplicity and efficiency. Helps you lose weight two pounds. This product is useful to normalize the intestinal flora, and cleanses due to the effect of attenuation, the day yogurt is best to stay at home.

Days of fasting are quick to put themselves in order, and to give effective to the body after dietary excess. But you need to realize that the weight will go away, not because of fat loss, and especially for cleansing the gut of toxins and get rid of excess water. Therefore, this method of weight loss — a temporary measure that allows you to quickly get in shape.