Instructions for use Black Latte

How to take it correctly Black Latte

How to correctly take Black Milk

It is worth noting that to ensure the effectiveness of the action of the drink Black Latte it is necessary to adhere strictly to the requirements that are listed in the instructions for use of the medicine. Thus, the exchange rate of the receipt of the product allows to obtain a clear and strong result – the reduction of weight and an increase in the activity as a whole.

Instructions describing the order of application Black Latte:

  • pour 1 portion of dry powder (2 teaspoons 14 grams) in a glass or cup;
  • pour the contents of hot boiled water;
  • mix thoroughly to drink, drink in small sips;
  • intake of the drink should exercise 1-2 times per day at any time of the day and night (does not depend on the time of the main meals).

For the drink had a flavor more palatable, you can add a little milk (preferably walnut – coconut, almond, etc). Also to improve the taste Black Latte you can use vanilla, cinnamon, honey (to taste). Beverage application the therapeutic course is unlimited – it all depends on the amount of excess fat and targets.

Education requires clear conditions of storage of the powder, BlacK or Milk. Thus, the need to keep it in a dry place, avoiding direct access of the solar rays. The optimum temperature for storage – from 15 to 25 °C with a relative humidity of 75%. The term of any deposit of dust – 24 months from date of production.

Indications and contraindications

Drink instant Black Latte you can apply for people of every sex and age (from 12 years), who have problems with excess weight, slow metabolism, and disorders in the functioning of the GASTROINTESTINAL tract. Since the product is made of only natural ingredients, causes no allergic reactions or side effects. The only limitations to the use of the drink is a gestation period of a baby, breast-feeding, the aversion of some component. For maximum safety and reliability before I take the trouble to consult an expert for the fact of having allergic reactions.